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Environmental protection is our priority.


LED technologies have the potential to reduce our dependence on oil, reduce global warming, reduce acid rain and reduce consumption of mercury for conventional lighting.


These incredible benefits are actually achievable over the next 10 years by aggressively developing LEDs.

Damla LED® aims for an ecologically oriented development of LED technology, enhancing general efficiency and longevity: the longer lamp lives, the less waste for our environment.


We offer intelligent green lighting solutions through sustainable product design and efficient lighting systems.


Damla LED Lighting Systems
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Reducing waste and hazardous materials, global climate change, Kyoto targets with CO2 emissions and environmental legislation leading to energy efficiency are independent from political area and this also affects lighting sector. By turning systems in use into energy efficient lighting systems like LED, energy consumed owing to the use of electricity to an extent of almost 20 percent can be turned into a profit. Compared with traditional lighting solutions such as incandescent and halogen, our LED lighting solutions save up to 80% in electricity consumption. Besides, totally RoHS compliant LEDs used in our products do not include any hazardous material harming the environment.


Global Warming


Global warming problem we have started hearing more recently in the last few years is not actually a new theory, but something dangerous scientists have been trying to take our attention on for many years. 


We had better explain global warming problem technically in this case: Due to the population of the world reaching from a level below 2 billions to a level of 6.5 billions in the last century and the act of industrialization worldwide, the concentration of greenhouse gases have diffused to the atmosphere and carbon dioxide as the most leading examples having risen up to a level that has never been seen before in history. These gases let a great amount of energy reaching on the world surface hold increasingly by the atmosphere and let fewer return to the space. Naturally, this case brings about increasing temperatures in respect of a global dimension.  


Unfortunately, the problem of global warming has a way of speeding up spontaneously. Together with the increase of temperature, much more melting occurs increasingly in the polar parts of the world where snow and ice stand permanently and owing to the destruction of these ice bergs reflecting sun rays back to the space like a mirror, more sun energy reaches on  surface as the time passes. 


The outcome of global warming is rather critical. Not only will the average temperature increase, but also climate systems will change to a great extent and these effects have also an impact on ocean waves, rainfall dispersions and wind systems. Ecosystem will be affected by these changes extremely while an infinite number of plant and animal species accommodating to their climate on parts of earth or sea will vanish and the balance of nature will decay in a way that can never be regained again. All these terrifying effects will of course cause us a lot of trouble. The famine arising from the attack by the difficulty of water, agriculture and breeding and the impact on economy especially in developing countries will lead to starving. That the water reaching from the melting ices to the ocean as inland ices in poles are melting and that the sea level around the world increases for meters while most of  the cities along the coast where millions are living today will be under water are the facts at issue. 


These frightening scenarios will not come true later in the future but in a short time and our new generation will have to watch the world change entirely unless some precautions are taken immediately. Turkey will be naturally affected by all these frightening outcomes and as even Mediterranean zone, however, is the region that drought threatens firstly, the effects we have already begun to experience about it today shows worryingly how great the problem is.


Our Responsibilities


What should we do?


In 1997, scientists of representatives from more than 160 countries gathering together in Kyoto city of Japan set up such a detailed report called “Kyoto Protocol” whose 3rd article was stated as “Precautions that support energy efficiency and energy saving will be taken” while encumbering law on world countries about controlling the facts for global warming and climate change at least. 


What we should just do is to regard this serious matter from an individual perspective independently without our work, education grade and age. With its energy efficient and energy saving LED products having been produced and offered to the customers from2001, Damla LED® has been fighting against global warming. We also believe that everybody should be aware of their responsibilities as we do in today’s world. One of the most important things that ought to be done is to use clean energy. Only by this way, we can let new generations have such a livable world!

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