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Damla LED Lighting Systems
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Damla LED® is one of Europe´s largest suppliers of LED lighting with over 10 years of manufacturing experience and a product range covering more than 100 LED lighting products and control systems.


Damla LED® supplies creative, environmentally-friendly LED lighting solutions across a broad range of applications;

Damla LED® reduces the cost of lighting installation and management, and increases product lifetimes;

Damla LED® is successfully managing projects to stated budgets, resources and deadlines;

Damla LED® is meeting the international standards;

Damla LED® is investing in the necessary resources and infrastructure in order to maintain up-to-date business knowledge and technical skills;

Damla LED® ensures that all products are made to the highest quality standards and delivered on time, at a competitive price;

Damla LED® maintains all current safety, environmental and quality standards;

Damla LED® continually develops the product and service ranges in order to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of our clients.



Color quality and adjustment are important factors for LED lighting products. The number of LEDs is generally more than one in a single LED lighting product. Moreover, numerous LED products can be used adjacently in a project, so any problem on color quality reflects on the whole of the product and the application. Unfortunately, this problem resulting directly from the technology that LED manufacturers use isn’t known much by users, but the products manufactured with this problem are bad references as they cause colors to differ from each other.


There are natural variations in the fabrication processes of all semiconductor materials. These variations make differences in electrical features as well as light efficiency power for LEDs. Calling LEDs by the name “binning”, the leading LED manufacturers of the world separate manufactured LEDs to minimize this problem by using different techniques and technologies.


In order to minimize this problem and obtain an optimal color adjustment, we, as Damla LED®, supply all of our LEDs used in our manufacture from the LED manufacturers which have the right techniques and the technologies in their production as “selective bin”, so we standardize the color quality of our products. 

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