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The fact that the first investment of money seems much more than the other standard light sources as a disadvantage at first sight, LED Lighting systems actually redeem themselves in a short time thanks to their long life, no need for maintenance and energy saving.


Global need for gradual growth in LEDs and energy saving alternative lightings offers us many opportunities to replace general lightings with LED lighting. Equipments just used to illuminate the screens of calculators and mobile phones once upon a time can now illuminate the front of a building from 100 meters. In fact, the effect of bulbs and halogens is left behind by the effect of LED sources when it comes to lumens per watt.  


The real cost of light shows an accepted industrial description of the process or life cost of the light source more than just an estimated investment of the purchase. 6th criterion is taken into consideration:


  • energy costs

  • lamp costs

  • energy consumption

  • lifetime

  • working costs

  • energy efficiency 


For instance; a bulb may have a starting cost just with over 0,50 YTL. Energy consumption will cost more than ten times of its short life only when a new source is established after purchase and then the loop restarts.


Energy efficient LED saves more than just money…


Low running costs


LED lighting solutions are small in size but quite big in performance. LED technology allows lighting to limit its product dimensions while giving light of a substantial quality and quantity. Using only a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional lighting systems, our LEDs are very gentle for your wallet since it reduces your running costs in electricity for decorative purposes of general lighting.


Almost no maintenance


LED products are not only available to replace all of the traditional lighting installations in use today, but also as a retrofit solution to replace the light source only within the existing systems.


The long lifetime of LED solutions assures hardly any maintenance costs, which means that almost no maintenance is needed for many years with a lifetime of 50,000 hours.


Think total cost of ownership


Take all of these into account when you select your lighting systems: the price you pay for a lighting solution just reflects a fraction of the total cost for lighting. Thanks to its maintenance free in its long efficient life, LED lighting shows a real value about money for years.

What Does Cost of Light Means

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